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“Since everything is literally spinning energy, as you change your spin… you change your life!”
- Cathleen Miller
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About Cathleen Miller - Intuitive Wellness Expert
Cathleen Miller holistic medium(TM), author, medical & business intuitive and expert therapy practitioner. Her passion is to inspire and coach clients into their own intuitive body-mind connection to live healthier and more successful lives. 

As a born psychic medium, she began an alternative life path from a very young age due to early health issues and gifted intuitive abilities. Today she combines her innate gifts with almost two decades of professional alternative therapy training with top global leaders in energy medicine. Cathleen is passionate about nature conservation, meditation, healthy lifestyle and conscious wellness travel. She has been creating and leading life transformational soul retreat programs at sacred sites around the world since 2007. Cathleen believes we are all here to enjoy life, live authentically and love what we are creating in each moment. 
See What Others Are Saying About Cathleen
“I have done countless alternative therapies for pain and depression for years now. All of those combined did not touch 1/100th of what just shifted in this ONE SESSION with you Cathleen! THANK YOU!”

- Client from West Palm Beach, Florida
Thank you so much. Your LIFE SESSION did some major deep over haul on things. Appreciate all the insight and things you suggested that I can do, which have helped. You did some HUGE deep cleaning and I have really felt a difference in being centered. Certain things and issues that have in the past triggered BIG issues for me do not affect me any more. I have applied what you suggested and things have shifted. As always it's a work in progress. You really helped me in some wonderful ways. Thank you again! Your work is amazing! :)

-P.W. Overland Park, KS
“I am blown away my how well you could pinpoint my issues in our LIFE SESSION together, I could not quite articulate what I was going through the way you did. I really feel better and more energetic after our session (even a week later now). Thank you.” 
- DP from Tampa, FL
Reset your energy, learn to really trust your vibes, and receive the benefits of living an intuitive lifestyle. 
Valued at $99
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